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akiraku's Journal

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a k i r a k u
welcome! this is akiraku, the new icon journal of aikyuu aka miyabi. she migrated from a shared icon journal that updated around 2 times a year. so miyabi decided to start fresh and create an icon journal where she will hopefully actually post stuff.

the name "akiraku" actually had no meaning. "akira" is a way of reading miyabi's chinese name in japanese, and she just added "ku" on the end of it to make it sound somewhat cooler. :D

miyabi is a fan of a lot of things. as long as it's shiny. she likes to tell people she's a multi-fandom kinda girl, but she's not, really. she was once an obsessive otaku, (still an otaku, just not as obsessive) and all her icons were anime/manga related. now, she has been sucked in by the shinyness of pretty boys, namely, johnny's entertainment. miyabi loves news, ya-ya-yah, j.j.express & juniors, so expect a lot of those kinda related stuff. and if you haven't figured out by now, she thinks that 3rd person pov is total win, but that's something you can't icon. current obsession? j.j.express & arioka daiki. ♥

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enjoy~ :3 ♥


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